Palm Springs was first discovered by Hollywood actors and directors in the middle of the last century who were trying to escape from the noisy Hollywood. They were trying to find some of the best places to visit in Palm Springs California. They ran away from fans in Palm Springs and rested there for a few days. 

The King of Rock and Roll Elvis Presley and his wife spent their honeymoon in Palm Springs and then bought the house, and director Frank Capra shot the film "Lost Horizon" there. Several US presidents have visited Palm Springs to for vacation. As you can assume, Palm Springs has been considered as a small paradise on Earth for many years.  

To make sure you do not ‘get lost’ in Palm Springs, we created a small list of places you can visit there. There are many places that are worth seeing, but you cannot do it in just one visit of a few days. You will need to go there multiple times to cross most of them from the list. 

Desert Memorial Park

Lots of people who visit Palm Springs definitely go to the Dessert Memorial Park to visit the final resting place of many celebrities and famous people. It is just a few miles away from the city of Palm Springs, in Cathedral City.

The Dessert Memorial Park one of the best places to visit near Palm Springs and is resting place to one of the most popular singers and actors – Frank Sinatra. The place is full of visitors every year who come to honor their favorite people. 

Shields Date Garden

The Shields Date Garden is one of the best Palm Springs places to visit. It exists since the 20-ies and has been visited by thousands and thousands of people every year. Not only you can have great food here but you will get to learn a lot of things. The place got its name according to a fruit called date that usually grows in deserts. 

Here, you can listen to valuable information about the place and the fruit, watch presentations and take a look at a very interesting movie named ‘Romance and Sex Life of the Date’. The greatest thing about it is that you can get free samples of the fruit that can only be found there and nowhere else in the whole world. But here, at Shields Date Garden you can get it for free. 

Viceroy Hotel

The Viceroy Hotel was created in the last century and was a synonym for luxury and sophistication. It has the most attractive location in downtown Palm Springs. The place was frequently visited by many celebrities in the past who were trying to relax and escape the crowded places.

They were enjoying by the pool, sunbathing and having the time of their life. Now, the place is still extravagant and belongs to Hollywood. There is a lot to be seen here and actually experience how celebrities used to spend their time there. The adventure is priceless.

Ruddy’s General Store Museum 

Ruddy’s General Store is one of the greatest tourist attractions here in Palm Springs. The store was created in 1930 and has been preserved in its original state till now. It features products from almost one century ago in their original packages, boxes and prices. Here, you will be able to see the history of the United States of America and become very emotional.

From the 6000 different items, you will be able to see tobacco, chips, soaps, clothes and many others. It represents a real treasure for the country that must be appreciated. There is always a person in the store who is willing to give you a quick tour around it and give you a small explanation about the products. And not to mention the entrance fee, - 95 cents. Yes, these will be the best spent 95 cents in your life. 

San Gorgonio Wind Farm Park

The San Gorgonio Wind Farm Park one of the many places to visit in Palm Springs and is located in the Coachella Valley and is another tourist attraction for people who visit Palm Springs. This is definitely the largest place with wind farms and windmills that take a very large area. What you did not know about it is that the whole place is big enough to provide energy for the whole city of Palm Springs including the area around it. 

The place is very powerful and it provides an interesting spectacle to observe. What you can do here is take a tour through the Park and let the guide explain you a bit about the huge structures that were built many years ago. 


This is definitely the most unique park that you will ever visit. It features some very interesting sculptures with robot heads and lights. The most intriguing part about it is that all the sculptures were created from faulty electronic appliances that could not be used anymore. At first, the park was created to be used only during winter, but today, it can be seen throughout the whole year. 


Palm Springs is an incredible place that can be visited throughout the whole year. Most Americans and people from all over the world come to Palm Springs in recent decades to find their peace in the source of hot water, in beautiful canyons and deserted gardens with bloomed cacti.

There is no doubt that the city has evolved into a place that features both leisure and entertainment. Today, Palm Springs has 47,807 inhabitants, and so many more guests. So, if it is on your bucket list, do not forget to visit the places mentioned above and share your experience with the world. 

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