Pleasant climate, long sandy beaches, family entertainment, parks, but also many other attractions make Palm Springs one of the most popular destinations in the world, including some of the best Palm Springs restaurants. You should never miss tasting the local cuisine if you travel to such beautiful places, especially one of the most famous regions of the United States.

Palm Springs is a small town in the desert, some two hundred miles away from Los Angeles. It was created in the twenties years of the last century when it was discovered by the stars of Hollywood. The small Rancher village soon became a playground for the rich and famous in the winter months. Today, a large part of the city is actually an open-air museum of architecture. 

If you travel frequently and your trip takes you to right there – to Palm Springs, then you must visit a local restaurant and have lunch there. It will be a shame not to visit some of the restaurants that offer high-quality food and a great service to the customers. In fact, they all do. Since Palm Springs is a sophisticated and elegant vacation place, all the restaurants are nice too in their own style and design.

For that purpose, we want to present you some of the best Palm Springs restaurants where your lunch or dinner will be much more than just flavors. It is a combination of tastes and flavors and let's not forget the ability to sit on a patio and enjoy the wonderful views. If with a delicious meal and in the company of true friends, you demand an indescribable interior, here's the opportunity to find out where you can experience it. 

So, if ever go to this destination, be sure to visit the restaurants that you are about to read. Here is the list that we created for you to help you narrow your choices:

Spencer’s Restaurant

It is certain that each restaurant needs to have a good reputation in order to be popular and visited. This restaurant seems to have it all and it is considered to be one of the best Palm Springs CA restaurants. It is visited by thousands of customers every year and all of that for a reason. There is a reason why people come back for more here.

The restaurant is located in the Tennis Club which is easily accessible wherever you are staying in Palm Springs. It will only take you a few minutes of walking or driving to get there. The location is perfect and the place is easily accessible. It is definitely one of the best restaurants in the Palm Springs area just like it is said by many people who visit this place regularly. It is a place that exists for years and there is a reason for that. The place has a parking place which is also part of the Tennis Club. So, you should not worry about if you arrive with a car. 

What is really great about the place is that they offer all kinds of meals and dishes so there is something for everyone. The prices are acceptable even though the restaurant is considered as a fine dining. There are burgers, soups, sandwiches and all kinds of specialties. 

They have specialties of meat that are being prepared in different ways that you’ve never tried before. You won’t make a mistake with whatever you choose. Just make sure that you read the menu carefully and make sure that the dish does not contain anything that you are allergic to. Or, if you are not sure, ask the waiter for an explanation. 

The staff is very friendly, professional and good at what they do. 

A big plus is if you enjoy having a meal outside and have a table on the patio. The atmosphere is calm and quiet so that you can really relax and enjoy your lunch or dinner (or even breakfast). It is pleasant to sit there during the night because during the day it can get extremely hot which will make it harder to enjoy your meal under the direct sunshine. Choose carefully.  

Loco Charlie’s Mexican Grill

If you are searching for the best Palm Springs Mexican restaurants, you came to the right place. This is the best restaurant of this type if you are a fan of the Mexican food. They prepare tasty traditional dishes according to original Mexican recipes So, if you are visiting Palm Springs, then you must visit this restaurant. It would be a shame not to try their Mexican food (of course if you like it).

The place is located in a strip mall and offers a real, tasty Mexican food. Be sure that it will be the best Mexican food that you will ever try. There is a place to sit outside and relax while enjoying your favorite food. Have a dish of your favorite food while sitting outside and enjoying the nice spring weather because summer can be very hot here.

The food here is incredible for such an acceptable price. You can have tacos, enchiladas and everything you can imagine for a very small price. But that is not the best part. The portions are so large that you and your partner can both eat from one. 

What you will love about the place is the salsa bar they have and the interior design in Mexican style. You will feel comfortable and enjoy the flowers and the hanging hats because this is definitely one of the best restaurants in downtown Palm Springs.

Purple Room Supper Club

We left this restaurant for the end not because is the least attractive or the most attractive. But there is one thing for sure – the place is sophisticated for an elegant night out, even a business lunch or dinner. If you decided to take your business in Palm Springs and you need to have a meeting, then the Purple Room Supper Club might be the right place. The restaurant is called the purple room because the purple color is dominant in the interior design which makes it one of the best restaurants near Palm Springs. 

The place looks sophisticated and elegant. It is great for those who want to have a night out and enjoy local jazz music. It does create a club atmosphere that makes you feel sophisticated. The food is delicious including desserts and drinks. Note that in order to eat in this restaurant, one must call and make a reservation and carefully choose the place where to sit because you might end up sitting next to someone that does not make you feel comfortable.

Or if there is a specific table that you want to choose, note that you must make a reservation a few days in advance. It is always nice to have a nice meal and a show at the same time. Like they say, "you get what you pay for", the prices might be a bit high for some. But you definitely won’t feel sorry about the money spent because you will enjoy every single moment there because it is one of the best Palm Springs fish restaurants in the area.

The view from the Purple Room Supper Club restaurant is a great idea to start enjoying the beauties of Palm Springs as one of the most favorite travel destinations. Situated in a great location, it offers an unforgettable view of the mountains combined with excellent food. So, what are you waiting for?  


When you are visiting a place that you haven’t visited before, what might come to your mind is to taste the local food there. It is always a great idea to try food from all the places where you go and experience different tastes and flavors. Then you can easily make a decision on what type of food is the right one for you. There are many best restaurants in Palm Springs 2018 that offer tasty food of different kinds, you just need to make a research and find the one that suits your needs.

You can search from the many restaurants: Italian, Greek, Indian and choose the one that you prefer. Most of them are clean, calm places and it is not even necessary to make reservations. You just go there, ask for an available table and the staff will take you there.

There are also tasty Palm Springs restaurants for breakfast and vegan restaurants for those of you who do not prefer eating meat. There is absolutely anything for everyone. 

The first indications of spring, have taken many people on the streets, and warm days have led them to seek for the top restaurant (preferably with gardens). If you have not yet found your favorite place, you should hurry, because the beautiful sunny days are coming!

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