Summer is coming and with that, we all begin thinking about beaches, cocktails and hot summer days. We just want to relax from all the obligations that we have at work and home and have a few days to ourselves. This means it is time to start planning your vacation and if Palm Springs is on your bucket list, this year is the time to visit it.

In fact, you can visit it during the whole year, you just need to make a plan and take a few days off. Palm Springs is one of the most popular places for vacation because of all the attractions it has. It is the favorite destination of many celebrities, actors, actresses, singers who visit some of the most attractive beaches near Palm Springs.

The palm springs beaches are large, clean and perfect for sea lovers. It is true that almost every condo, house or hotel in Palm Springs has their own private pool, but it is not the same when you lay on a sandy beach and enjoy the smell of salty water. If you have the two options to choose from, always choose the salty water over the pool because it has many other benefits that the pool cannot offer you. 

Here are our recommendations:

Laguna Beach

The Laguna Beach is just an hour away from driving from Palm Springs and offers the greatest views and a vacation experience you can have. This beach is considered as one of the best beaches near Palm Springs Ca. You can do absolutely anything, from scuba diving to snorkeling and enjoy the large coastline walking with your partner or friends. Note that you will never be bored here. There is always something to be done and different events to attend.

Would you like to stay in a hotel that has a beach view once you go out? Well, Laguna Beach is the right destination for you. It would be wonderful if you go out on the terrace and admire the beautiful view. Choose one from the many hotels or resorts that offer exactly what you are looking for. There is no need for you to wait for the summer. The Laguna Beach is available for the whole year and you can bring your pet with you. There are parking places available and wheelchair accessible spots. So, what are you waiting for? 

Newport Beach

One of the most incredible beaches that will take your breath away with its shores. Newport Beach is so much more than just a place where you can sunbathe and relax all day. It offers numerous attractions to the visitors such as whale watching, playing games, wine tasting, going to events or just swimming. There is absolutely something for anyone. You can take the whole family there without worrying about if they will have fun or not.

The fact is that the best things that you can do in Newport Beach are surfing, kayaking, and many other activities in the water during the whole year thanks to the great weather that is hot enough from January to December. When the water gets you tired, there are other activities such as biking, walking or jogging that you can perform. 

Salton Sea Beach

This is one of the best beaches in Palm Springs that will definitely suit your needs. What you need to know about it is that it has some kind of smell but once you get used to it, it won't bother you that much. The smell is coming from the salt which is somehow unbearable for some types of fishes and they die. But in spite of all this, the place is still visited a lot.

This is a desert lake beach that was created many years ago due to an overflow of a canal. More than 60 years ago, this was a very attractive and popular place among the citizens of Los Angeles who used it to relax by fishing and boating. It never was a typical beach like you are used to seeing, but a unique and interesting place to explore. The Salton Sea Beach is a fascinating place to explore because it is so much more than just a regular beach you are used to. 

Swim Beach

One of the first things you will notice when you visit the Swim Beach is that the water levels have dropped in the past few years. But the greatest thing about it is that it is a very peaceful and calm place with a playground for kids, a parking space, and restrooms. A great place for the whole family. The restrooms are very clean which is a great thing to see for a change. 

If you choose this place as your summer destination, you will love spending your mornings and evenings sitting on a rock and enjoying the sunrise or sunset. Or you can spend your time fishing with your family or friends. The place is nice to look at, sunbathe, for fishing but some might say that it is not really an enjoyable experience to swim regardless of how ironic this sounds because of the name of the beach.


If you’ve been thinking about having a Palm Spring beach break then go ahead and start with the planning. You now have a list of the best beaches that you can visit in Palm Springs and enjoy doing your favorite summer activities.

The Palm Springs beaches in California are a real gem that we must take advantage of it and enjoy them whenever we have a chance. Note that there are beaches that do not have nearby coffee shops or restaurants so you must bring food and drinks with you. Make sure you do not go unequipped.

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