Why We Decided To Visit Palm Springs

Robert: Born in 1990 a web developer who enjoys traveling around the world and exploring new places with his partner.

Georgina: Born in 1992, a banker who wants to spend her free time traveling around the world.

The First Experience

Travelling is always a great idea, and there is no such thing as an ideal season for it. There are places that are perfect to be visited when it is hot and places to be visited when it is cold. We are a couple of adventurers who want to explore the world together and we enjoy spending time traveling whenever we have free time.

Since our work does not let us travel whenever we want to, we always decide to choose special and unique destinations so that we can have the fun that we always want to. For that reason, we decided to choose Palm springs this time. 

Why did we do that? Most of all, because this is a place where you can walk peacefully on the streets, and you will also enjoy the colorful buildings around you. 

It is a place that looks quite different because of the many beauties that can be seen. There are just so many opportunities for great photos for Instagram, which we took advantage of and made a bunch of photos that we posted. Our friends loved the photos and they decided to join us on our next trip to Palm springs. 

Another thing that we love about Palm springs is that there aren’t too many crowds there. Given the fact that this is a place that can easily attract tourists. It's not like crowded places with lots of tourists on the streets. The less crowded the place, it means that you will see more, explore, and find out more about it. This is exactly what we want to which is another reason why we chose Palm springs as our top destination for traveling. 

The Return

Since we loved the first time we stayed there, we decided to return for another trip to Palm springs. We were paragliding, skydiving, visiting parks, exploring the museums and enjoying the beaches.

According to our own personal experience, there are so many wonderful restaurants there that we did not cook at all (even though we had a small kitchen in the apartment that we rented). We decided that we can cook whenever we get home, so we decided to eat the local food there which will win you right away. So, for food lovers, this is another reason for you to visit Palm springs.

From that point on…

From that point on, we keep visiting Palm springs whenever we can. Also, we take friends and other family members whenever they want to join us. It is like we “spread the disease” every time we visit this magical place located in California. Make sure you learn from our experience and take our advice to visit Palm springs the next time you plan a trip for yourself. It is the perfect place for all age groups. 

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